5 ways to engage your customers with email marketing this holiday season

Email Marketing
Nov 30
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This Christmas, why and how email marketing is your best ally in promoting your goods and services.
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Here are a few reasons why:

1) Get the most of your marketing budget

And so have your advertising possibilities. Only a small investment is needed in an email marketing campaign to get the best ROI – around 40$ per dollar invested, year after year, after year. Be creative and use your list wisely to send customers offers they can’t refuse.

2) Thank and reward your customers

Now is the time for coupons, bargains and special offers to thank your customers and strenghten the relationship. Email makes it sooooo easy to send special promotions and personalized offers!

3) Personalize and target

Make it possible to register for selected categories of your newsletter with specialized offers. Be sure people are able to subscribe for only certain newsletters and specify the date the newsletter will stop. If not, they your subscribers could feel overwhelmed.

You’re always looking for new markets, but the holiday season is the perfect time of year to thank your customers by offering them, and their friends, special offers. Segment your list and send targeted offers for products you know they will love. Encourage them to share these offers with their friends by forwarding the email.

Create targeted lists of products to help your customers complete their Christmas shopping. Have offers for gifts for babies, kids, mothers, fathers, lovers, parties and hosts or help them find what they want by price range. And don’t forget ideas for dressing up, decorating, cooking, drinking and music.

4) You can be creative with email

Build a thematic newsletter around your area of expertise. Offer your subscribers great content, not just hard sales. Send them emails they will find interesting and also be interested in sharing.

Many people are at home and won’t necessary be able to join their loved ones for the holidays. Help them to easily send gifts or fancy meals to share the joy and be present with the people they care about.

Or make an ‘Advent Calendar’, emailing a new offer every day until Christmas.

If you can, set up a special Elf team for Christmas, focused on answering customer email and suggesting gift ideas for loved ones!

5) Think ‘Last minute shopping’

Make your customers’ lives easier by allowing them to have gifts delivered to their homes up until the last few days before Christmas.

Offer free shipping for minimum spending. For that they will be thanking you all year long and free shipping is now something your clients expect.

Are your customers too late to assure delivery on time? Provide them with printable Christmas cards with expressions like, “Santa Claus is coming a little late this year” or cute gift certificates that will be spent in your boutique.

6) Plan and be distinct

Since Email marketing will be widely used this season, don’t wait until the last minute to send out your offers, of course, other than the ‘last minute’ offers mentioned above. Have the clearest subject lines possible to make your emails stand out from all the others.

Are you proud of your Christmas email(s)? Send them to us. We will show them on our site to inspire everybody!

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